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Toyopuc PLC Training

In order to better support Toyota's manufacturing in Kentucky and the surrounding regions, we ordered a comprehensive Toyopuc training course for our controls engineering team. Before, this particular area of expertise was limited to only a few of our experienced Japanese engineers.

Our electrical engineers participated in a week-long course covering Toyopuc's PC10 Series PLC, PCwin and PCwin-Safe software, PCS controllers and Screenworks HMI program.

The training of our employees is an invaluable investment for not only keeping up with the latest technologies and trends, but staying flexible and responding to the needs of our core customers.

Being located in Kentucky so close to Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK), Indiana (TMMI), West Virginia (TMMWV) and more, training for Toyopuc systems not only allows us to better support Toyota, but gives us the opportunity to invest in our engineers and develop professional growth in their careers.

We'll be sending another one of our engineers to Motoman training this April for an exciting upcoming project featuring Yaskawa robotics and Keyence 3D vision, to be featured in future updates. Stay tuned!

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