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TOA SE has a wealth of experience programming on numerous platforms. We integrate, modify, and design using Omron, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Toyopuc and others.

We are both an Omron Certified Integrator and

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Partner.

We possess expertise in programming for all standard IEC 61131-3 PLC programming langauges including Ladder Logic,

Structured Text, and Sequential Function Chart.



HMI touchscreens are quickly replacing conventional push buttons and switches on modern control panels as a versatile and user-friendly control system.


We design versatile HMI programs, from upgrades to creation of standard screens. Messages and faults are written uniquely to facilitate machine uptime. All machine programming is rigorously tested to ensure predictable operation and reliable fault recovery.

We have expertise in programming and designing for Omron NA series, Allen-Bradley PanelView, Mitsubishi GOT and others.


Code on a laptop computer

We provide customized PC program systems using Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Basic, SQL Server, C, C++, Java, C# (.NET Framework), and HTML.

Previous systems shipped with custom programs include Traceability Systems, PIS Systems (send production data to PLC, capture and store data onto database), and Andon Systems.


Our PC Programming capability includes Communication with Database Server (CRUD), PLC (TCP/IP Socket, Kepware, Indusoft), Object Oriented Programming (OOP), SQL Query, UI Design. 

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