AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) are a versatile, safe and efficient way to improve your material handling needs. As a Kollmorgen partner, we integrate the most ubiquitous and longest supported component platforms in the market. With speeds and capacities that can scale to your needs, AGVs are able to handle most tasks. We custom design and build AGVs from the ground up to fit your specific application.

TOA specializes in a variety of navigation options, including laser triangulation, natural surroundings recognition, inertial spot tag, magnetic path tape, and more.


AGVs boast a wide variety of inherent benefits, including:

•  Smooth, predictable movement ideal for repetitive point-to-point tasks

•  Reduced labor costs

•  Continuous operation

•  Clean and quiet

•  Highly accurate and able to scale

•  Improved safety

•  Reduced product/equipment damage

•  Reliable and durable

•  Easily moved and retooled (not permanent/immovable obstacles)