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Our engineering group has the professional experience and expertise to design and build custom machinery to realize your production goals. Whether you are in the early concept phase or nearing design completion, we will tailor our solutions to your specification and standards. Contact us with your new machinery needs anytime for a free consultation and quote.


No matter how big or small your material transfer needs are, TOA excels in custom conveyor solutions for any application. Our mechanical design department works closely with our suppliers and customers to ensure complete satisfaction.


Have an old machine that's worn out, causing quality issues or is a major safety concern? TOA can build a new one that's faster, safer, and built to last for years to come. Full documentation and a build of materials and spare parts list comes with every machine we design and build.

Buffer Conveyor
Piston Rod Conveyor
CW Conveyor


We provide turnkey facility services for all types of projects, including demolition, rigging, installation, setting and leveling, as well as training for all applicable associates as part of the complete commissioning process.

Rotator 4
Weld Jig Table
Sealant Machine
Paint Installation
Work Hold Tooling
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