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About Us

TOA Electric USA, Inc. started in 2001 in Lexington, Kentucky with one goal in mind - provide advanced manufacturing solutions through engineering excellence.

In 2007, we renamed to TOA SE (Systems Engineering) and have since grown and expanded our capabilities to best serve the leading manufacturers in the region.

We pride ourselves on our automation prowess and industry acclaimed service and support. The difference lies in our people and customer-first principles. From concept to confirmation, the TOA difference remains apparent.

TOA at a Glance

TOA JPN Building
Mast Handling Robot
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Founded in 1956 as TOA Electronics Company in Nagoya, Japan, the TOA Group has thrived as a premier provider of FA system design, control panel fabrication, electronic components, and semiconductors. TOA Electric USA was founded in Lexington, Kentucky in 2001 as TOA’s first overseas establishment, focusing on Factory Automation and Systems Integration for manufacturers in the surrounding region. Moving to a new facility in Nicholasville in 2007, we changed our name to TOA SE, Inc. in 2010. Taking full advantage of the extensive knowledge base amassed over the years since our founding in Japan, TOA SE proudly provides North America with engineering services in the design, assembly, and integration of automated control systems.


TOA SE specializes in designing industrial controls and automation systems for both new and existing production processes in manufacturing. Our engineers are functional safety certified, with the ability to perform risk assessments and evaluate production during consultation. We invest heavily in the training of our engineers to stay current with the latest advancements in technology. Whether your project is in the early concept phase or nearing design completion, our wealth of expertise allows us to tailor our solutions to meet your specific targets and requirements. Most importantly, we take the time and care to ensure safety, quality and value always come first. 


As we move through rapidly changing socioeconomic times, our motto “quick and flexible” represents our continuous effort to provide high quality products and services. Utilizing the full range of technology developed in the 60 years since our founding, as providers of electrical machinery and solutions, it is our mission to contribute to the improvement of our customers’ manufacturing capabilities. 


It is our mission to be the integrator of choice for all customers in our region by embracing our core strengths that separate us from our competitors:

  • Providing automation solutions with unrivaled quality and safety as a priority. 

  • Working with relentless determination to meet all goals and deadlines. 

  • Being environmentally and financially conscious for both our company and customers. 

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