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'Andon' (from Japanese, a traditional paper lamp) provide comprehensive, real-time production information at just a glance away. Now a staple of any successful production floor, Andon allow associates, team leaders and management to be unified in knowledge and immediately aware of line status, targets, calls and trouble points. This valuable information plays a crucial part of process improvement, and leads to lower manufacturing costs, less downtime and faster response to line issues.


TOA Andon systems are fully customizable, allowing you to make changes and additions on your own. They can be accessed in the office, over the internet or even on mobile phones. That means wherever you are, all the information is right at your fingertips.

Pulling data from the existing systems already on your production line, Andon fit naturally into manufacturing. The data can be stored into a database for historical analysis, to indentify trends or issues over time. We'll work with your IT department to setup daily production logs, internet accessibility, and office monitoring.



Andon can also display information such as time, weather, scheduled breaks and special occasions. Wireless handheld remotes with multi-function buttons are an attractive option to provide associates with more flexibility over calls, recording takt times, or notifying team leaders. Display screens can be duplicated or line specific, displayed in a matrix or even hundreds of feet apart. The beauty of an Andon is it is completely customizable. 

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