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Precision Work-Holding Jig

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

For an upcoming model changeover at one of our local customers, we designed, built and retrofitted a new work-holding jig fixture into a robot cell we also installed several years ago.

This robot cell, designed and built by TOA in 2014, handles different jigs for roof assemblies stored in 'hotels' at the back of the cell, and also performs an automatic end-of-arm tooling changeover to a C-type spot welder for welding brackets to the assembly.

The jig is set by the robot onto a rotating automatic tool changer (ATC), that connects electricity and air to the sensors and clamps on the jig. An operator places the part onto the jig, steps outside of the light curtain zone, clamps actuate, the table rotates inward, and the Motoman robot begins its work.

The jig is made up of fabricated and precision machined parts to ensure consistent, accurate clamping of the sunroof for the robot to make the perfect welds every time. Once welding is finished, a Telesis 2100 pin-stamping unit on a pneumatic arm actuates to stamp the date and batch number onto the part.

We specialize in both turnkey robot cell installations and mechanical design and build retrofitting. Contact us with your automation or machine build inquiry today.

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