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Introducing TOA SE's Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Check Station

In a post COVID-19 economy, there is no greater priority than protecting your business and employees from the harmful effects of highly contagious illnesses. You need a system in place to prevent spread that is fast, accurate, and requires no additional resources, so you and your business can get back to normal operation.

Elevated body temperature (EBT) is one of the most common early warning signs of most illnesses, and is already being tested manually using hand scanners in businesses across the country. The problem here is threefold: hand scanners are inaccurate, susceptible to a number of variable factors, and require resources, in the form of an attendant or associate putting themselves at risk of infection.

The TOA body temperature detection system is a fast, accurate, hands-free solution to personnel screening. The TOA system captures the body temperature of all associates passing by, automatically, within seconds, and requires no dedicated attendant to be put at risk. The secret lies in the advanced camera and calibration unit working in tandem, allowing for touchless, accurate thermal imaging. Strategic placement of the system at gates and entryways means zero change in procedure to your employees’ routine, so they remain hassle free, and can focus on what’s important.

Through our partnership with Kentucky Thermal Institute, we are pleased to offer a Thermologist Certificate program through Western Kentucky University. With your purchase of a TOA EBT Detection system, an online training course for one individual is included to become equipped with industry leading knowledge for taking non-contact temperature measurements in a safe and automated collection method. This half-day course makes it easy for security guards, HR personnel, or others to become experts with the equipment.

System Features

Advanced camera with medical-grade accuracy, +/- 0.54 F (0.3 C)

Robust, industrial enclosure suitable for any environment

‘Black body’ calibration unit emits constant temperature

Remotely accessible for system maintenance

Casters for easy transportation as needed

<1 second response time


Data Collection Options

The TOA EBT detection system is made to order and highly customizable to your liking. A number of database options are available such as image recording, temperature, date and time stamping, customizable data graphs showing date and time ranges, highest/lowest recorded temperature, as well as tying data into your existing RFID badge-in system.

The result is seamless integration into your established company policy, without dedicating countless hours or resources.

Optional Equipment & Resources

Queuing stanchions and social distancing guides

Guide rails are available in numerous quantities and quoted on a case by case basis. Please contact us for layout options and pricing.


The TOA EBT detection enclosure is available in any color, and can even be omitted entirely. A number of custom stands and stations are available by request. Mobility options such as casters come standard.

Policy Consulting

Our team will work directly with your Human Resources department to develop protocols for screening, personnel education requirements, refund policies, public information campaigns, and logging the data analytics.

The TOA EBT Detector vs. conventional hand scanners:

The TOA EBT detector...

· Is automated, no personnel required

· Requires no human contact needed, zero risk

· Has controlled accuracy

· Is hassle-free

Conventional hand scanners...

· Require dedicated personnel

· Put associates at risk

· Have uncontrolled variables

· Have a time consuming process

Contact TOA SE at 859-881-3330 or for a quotation.

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