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Hydraulic Press Trim Cutting Machine (WIP)

We've never been busier! Temporarily, our UL panel shop has been repurposed to house the equipment shown above and below. This system is an automatic hydraulic press and cut system that measures, cuts and handles door and window trimming. It's an impressive amount of equipment for such a seemingly simple process, but the value of automatic handling, measurement and cutting of six different trims cannot be underestimated.

This system features Omron TM collaborative robotics for delicate handling of the plastic trimming. 'Cobots' are quickly becoming a preferable option for manufacturers looking to supplement their production safely and automatically, gaining the flexibility of a robotic arm without the safety restrictions of a high-speed unit.

No TOA project is complete without our signature panel work. We take pride in our tidy wiring and labeling.

This project highlights both the mechanical and electrical engineering capabilities our company has to offer. We will be able to share finished pictures and videos once the project is closer to shipping. Please look forward to it!

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