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Concepting & Simulation

Updated: Jan 11

Often during the quoting phase of a large project, it is beneficial to share a concept or simulation of the application, so that both parties can be on the same page and roughly visualize the final product.

Shown above is one such cell we recently concepted and were awarded by a new customer. Our mechanical engineers imported models provided by the customer, as well as Fanuc for the robot arm, and create a rough 3D model of what the final cell design might look like. A bit of creativity for unknown parts (such as the standing industrial vacuum, shown as just a standing cylinder) goes a long way.

We're also able to make full motion simulations using RoboDK, such as this:

Simulations like this allow both the customer and vendor to visualize the footprint, motion, and calculate the cycle time of the process before committed to a full design or build. This prevents ambiguity and keeps everyone happy with the end result.

As a philosophy, TOA is committed to our customers' safety and satisfaction first and foremost. We are obliged to provide concepts and simulations to our customers ahead of time to make sure we achieve that end goal.

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