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Brake Burnishing QC System

In order to meet new safety standard mandates, we designed and built a forklift brake burnishing machine for one of our customers. But how do you measure the quality of the burnish? That's where the QC Tower comes in.

This 20-foot tower features a 3-ton capacity hoist and pulley system that attaches to the back of the forklift. A sole operator backs the forklift into the cell and attaches the cable to the tow pin at the back.

While holding onto a deadman switch that operates the hoist, the operator depresses the brake with a load cell on it that measures brake force. Once the brake pedal reaches a certain amount of force, the hoist begins to pull and a load cell at the top of the tower measures the pull force against the brake force. These values are saved and compared to determine the quality of the burnished brakes.

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