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Introducing TOA AGV Solutions

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

We are proud to introduce our new line of custom AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) solutions. Safe and reliable material handling is in high demand in today's ever-changing workplace. TOA has the capability and experience to design and build AGVs from the ground up along with you. Say goodbye to model restrictions and compromises when investing in logistics for your production floor. Be fully involved in the design and get exactly what you want with a TOA AGV.

Our customer in Ohio needed an upgrade to the way in which completed engines were transported from Assembly to Testing. Our engineering group went to work on designing the perfect combination of accuracy, capacity, maneuverability and robustness to result in the AGV shown here. A thorough revision process with our customer ensured 100% satisfaction and meeting or exceeding all expectation targets.

We named this particular model the SMR2500C, for "Smart Mobile Robot, 2500 payload capacity, Conveyor option."

Natural (Laser) Navigation guides these AGVs, equipped with advanced drives for maximum maneuverability, including full rotation in-place and side-shifting while maintaining travel direction, stopping within a +/- 5mm tolerance. Full onboard controls and the latest safety features complete the package.

Contact us below to begin configuring your own custom AGV system today.

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