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Kollmorgen AGV NDC8 Training

As the demand for AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) solutions increase, it's vital for companies to the have the proper training and knowledge to ensure appropriate solutions are implemented. TOA SE is a proud certified partner and integrator for Kollmorgen AGV technologies. TOA SE is eager to introduce five more certified engineers to Kollmorgen’s NDC8 solution program. Kollmorgen NDC8 program was developed to provide the necessary skills to design and manage AGVs for various applications.

TOA SE’s engineers received hands on training from a certified Kollmorgen AGV solution engineer. During the Kollmorgen training our engineers learned how to design and program an AGV’s path, manage AGV traffic, and analyze AGV data. This acquired knowledge coupled with hands on experience provides TOA SE with the ability to adapt and respond to the increasing demands for AGV solutions.

TOA SE’s AGV solutions offer flexibility and control all on one platform, the NDC8. Not only do TOA SE’s custom AGV support natural, reflector (laser), barcode, spot, magnetic tape, and inductive wire navigation technologies, it also supports “multi-navigation.” This “multi-navigation” enables consumers to set up the most efficient navigation in various locations of their facility, eliminating the need for location specific AGVs.

During the training, our engineers designed and programmed AGV’s using laser and natural navigation systems. Laser navigation naturally keeps production floors clean because there are no magnetic tape or inductive wires required. Laser navigation utilizes reflectors, sensors and vehicle controllers working simultaneously to ensure accurate and efficient handling of product in various warehouse conditions.

Natural navigation utilizes objects in the existing environment for navigation thus eliminating the need for reflectors and markers. Natural navigation significantly reduces the overall cost and installation time. Laser and natural navigation systems combined with the NDC8 software makes it easy to change an AGV’s route, accommodating plant layout changes and future expansions.

For more information on TOA AGV solutions visit AGV Solutions or reach out at

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