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Forklift Mast Rotator

This Winter shutdown season, we installed a new forklift mast rotation machine for Toyota Industrial Equipment in Columbus, Indiana. Prioritizing safety without sacrificing speed, this machine manipulates extremely heavy masts 180 degrees in under 10 seconds.

Beginning with a quick barcode scan to recall clamp location data and move the servos into position, masts are transferred into the loading zone on powered conveyor rollers, until photo-eye sensors for slowdown and stop are cleared. The conveyor assembly then automatically transfers inward, lowers and returns back to home position, leaving the mast nested on clamping arms with soft urethane rubber padding. Once pneumatic cylinders from above clamp the mast firmly, the entire rotation assembly is quickly spun in place 180 degrees. The cylinder clamps depressurize, lowering the mast to ergonomic height for pick-up -.. while the clamping arms (now on top) swing 90 degrees out of the way for easy access Once the mast is removed and all light curtains are cleared, the machine returns to home position, ready to repeat the process over again up to 150 times a day.

We put a great amount of care into our control panels as well. Every TOA SE control panel is wired neatly, labeled clearly and tailored to your specification. Let us handle your upgrade or new machine build for equipment you can take pride in.

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