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Powertrain AGV System

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

We have recently installed a new AGV system at a Toyota forklift plant. These AGVs transfer forklift powertrains from the powertrain assembly line to the main assembly line.

Front view of the fully assembled AGV loaded with a complete forklift powertrain.

Fully assembled AGV at our facility undergoing testing.

The previous AGVs that were used in this system were nearing the end of their life cycle and they were not meeting required safety standards. We were able to deliver new and vastly improved AGVs which came with better safety systems and were able to significantly improve process efficiency.

Video above showing the AGVs in full production.

AGV approaching the main assembly line to unload the forklift powertrain.

Each of the three new AGVs utilizes a dual drive L-Cart kit. The AGVs navigate via a magnetic strip placed in the concrete on the route of the AGV. The frame of the AGVs, as well as the powered roller conveyors on top of the AGV, were designed from scratch by our Mechanical Engineers to handle the 2,600lb capacity of the fully loaded powertrain pallets. Our Controls Engineers designed the controls and safety systems for the AGV. An Omron NX1P PLC was used for the controls. The upgraded safety for the AGV included safety scanners. Throughout the entire project, we worked closely with the customer to ensure that the design and installation of these AGVs went smoothly.

Picture from the rear showing the powered roller conveyors.

If you are looking for an AGV solution for your system, we will be happy to help. Feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call at (859) 881-3330.

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