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New & Refurbished Robotic Welding Cells

Thanks to our new partnership with Panasonic and our loyal repeat customers, we've remained as busy as ever through the first quarter of 2022. There have also been more robots in our shop than ever! As we specialize in everything from the design, assembly, wiring and integration of robotic welding cells, TOA offers both new and refurbished turnkey solutions for your current and future robot installation.

Shown above is a combination of new and old. An existing jig is being reused within a brand new arc welding cell. The Panasonic robots deliver best-in-class arc welding with impressive minimal spatter.

Shown above is a Yaskawa spot welding robot we installed years ago for a local customer in Kentucky that will be retooled and repurposed to handle a new part type. In this case the tooling fixture will be redesigned and made to handle the new model car door.

Not shown is another pair of Fanuc robot cells that we have completely retooled with all new controls, laser etching, and a QC vision system. Hopefully we can share in a future update with permission from the customer!

We'll have a new laser marking project to share next month as well. Stay tuned!

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