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Aluminum Head Barcode Laser Marker

We designed and developed a new offline laser marking station for a leading automotive manufacturer (and one of our top customers) in Ohio. This standalone station can scan and etch barcodes into aluminum cylinder heads, as well as have data entered manually (such as date, time, batch, etc.) and populate a new barcode. The system features a Cognex DMR-8700DX-B-E wireless hand scanner, a 15" Mitsubishi GT2715-XTBD Interface, and the mighty Keyence MD-X2500 Laser Marker.

The enclosure and tooling cradle was designed by our in-house PE. UHMW was selected to safely and gently hold the part firmly in place within the location restrictions provided by the customer. We partnered with the experts at Rockwell Laser Industries (RLI) in Cincinnati, Ohio to design and certify the Class 1 Laser Enclosure as 'light-tight' using the 3-bounce rule. A Fortress interlock keeps everything safe and prevents operation while the lid is open. A Fumex FA1 Air Filtration System completes the package.

The system is assembled as one complete piece that is easily moveable by forklift, control panel and all! The back of the HMI even features shelves and a swivel mount for a PC, keyboard and monitor. The system also features a cart that fits snugly underneath to catch any 'black sand' residue that might remain in the cylinder head as a result of the forging process. All designed in house and built by our fabrication partner across the street, Premier Fabrication.

One of the unique challenges of this system was the laser marker head cannot actually be disconnected from its controller, so we got creative with the routing and made the system an all-in-one, with the laser controller actually housed inside the air-conditioned control panel.

With the system run-off deemed a great success, this one is ready to ship and will go out next week. Reach out to us for your next laser marking application.

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