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AGV Opportunity Charging & Homing

One of the greatest benefits of a TOA SE AGV System is the capability to reconfigure the system as your production needs change. This is especially true for a natural (layout) or laser based navigation system, making it as easy as redrawing a route on your PC.

Typically, opportunity charging occurs at strategic locations within the AGV route itself, utilizing floor-mounted chargers to maintain vehicle battery levels throughout the day.

In order to improve current and meet future cycle time gains, our customer wanted to decrease acceleration and deceleration times accumulated by the AGVs stopping at certain charging points. To do so, we reprogrammed the AGVs to return to designated home charging positions during non-production times, such as breaks, lunch and between shifts.

With the time saved, further studies revealed a reduced fleet could handle max capacity production, with two AGVs always at Home charging. The charging AGVs seamlessly cycle out every couple of hours, maintaining an optimum charge for the fleet throughout a 24 hour, 6 day work week.

The result is a safe and efficient system that will continue to run like new for years. Reach out to us for a free on-site consultation to see how AGVs can revolutionize your production.

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